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CO2 Levels and Global Warming: Chart shows the annual mean surface temperature of the earth from 1880 to 2016 and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 1958 to 2017

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Statista,

Yesterday, Scott Pruitt, director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told CNBC that he does not believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a primary contributor to climate change, essentially exonerating the influence of human beings on global warming. Given that the role of CO2 in the raising of temperatures on earth is by now basic and commonly accepted scientific fact, these comments from a man in such a crucial position in one of the largest CO2 producing countries in the world are alarming to say the least. Our infographic brings together NASA and NOAA data to show how earth’s surface temperature has risen since 1880 – and in particular since1960 – and the upward curve of CO2 in the atmosphere since 1958.


Infographic: CO2 Levels and Global Warming | Statista